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De Education

Academically or Intellectually Gifted

Application deadlines: July 1 (fall); Nov. 1 (spring); April 1 (summer).

Applications received by the designated deadlines will receive full consideration for admission. We will attempt to process those received after this date, as time allows, in the order in which they were received.

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The online Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Graduate Certificate prepares currently licensed K-12 teachers from all disciplines to employ diverse and effective instructional practices to enrich, extend, and accelerate the standard curriculum for gifted students.

UNC Charlotte’s Department of Special Education and Child Development offers this 12-credit-hour graduate level program for teachers seeking North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction AIG Add-On Licensure.

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The AIG Graduate Certificate is a part-time program.  Students should be prepared for an academically rigorous program and writing intensive courses.

AIG Program Planning Sheet and Schedule

Offered in Fall and 1st Summer
SPED 5211 Nature and Needs of Gifted Students

(3 credits) No prerequisites

Examination of the historical and philosophical perspectives of education for gifted and talented learners with emphasis on answering the question "What is giftedness?" Issues explored in the course include identification procedures, instructional options, the nature of intelligence and creativity, laws/policies, psychological and emotional correlates of talent, and current research findings.

Offered in Fall Only
SPED 6124 Methods of Instructing Gifted Students

(3 credits) Prerequisite or co-requisite: SPED 5211

An introduction to the basic skills necessary to plan, implement, and evaluate instructional procedures that facilitate learning by gifted students. Specific theories discussed include Bloom, Bruner, Krathwohl, Parnes, Kohlberg.

Offered in Spring and 2nd Summer
SPED 6161 Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students

(3 credits) No prerequisites

An overview of current theory and practice in understanding gifted students social and emotional development. Topics discussed in class range from the social and emotional needs of the general population of gifted students to the unique needs of specific sub-groups of gifted students (e.g., gifted girls, gifted and learning disabled, gifted minority students).

Offered in Spring Only
SPED 6224 Adapting Curriculum Materials and Classroom Differentiation

(3 credits) Prerequisites: SPED 5211 and SPED 6124

Students study methods of making accommodations to meet the gifted students in the regular classroom. Topics include differentiated lesson plans based on national and state standards as well as methods of adapting the learning environment to support multi-level learning.

The 12 graduate-level credit hours, completed through the online AIG Graduate Certificate program, can be applied toward the online M.Ed. in AIG for those meeting M.Ed. eligibility requirements.

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Delivery Methods

100% online

AIG Graduate Certificate courses are delivered 100% online using Moodle and/or Saba Meeting. Each course instructor determines his/her course delivery method(s). Make sure you know how your courses are delivered by viewing the University Course Schedule. Distance education courses have section numbers with an 8 as the middle digit (examples: 080, 580, 780, L80).

To participate in this program, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and your computer must meet these Technical Specifications.

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Do you live outside of the State of North Carolina?

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university;
  • Official transcripts indicating a minimum overall GPA of at least 3.0;
  • Current teaching license;
  • Apply to UNC Charlotte as a Graduate Certificate student using the online Graduate School Admission Application.

Note that GRE or M.A.T. scores and letters of recommendation are not required.

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New DE program students will receive an email with instructions for enrolling in an online orientation. The DE Student Guide is also available to aid in your preparation and throughout your program. Topics in the Guide include:

  • Student Computing and the Technical Orientation (includes using Moodle and Saba Meeting; and technical specifications for your computer system)
  • Course Registration and Textbooks
  • Tuition
  • Student Services

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Program Contacts

Distance Education

Melita Pope Mitchell, M.A.
Senior Program Manager

Academic Department

Dr. Michael S. Matthews

Helpful Resources

Information & resources available for students:

Tuition Resources
Financial Resources
Career Opportunities
Library Resources

Proctored Testing

Faculty teaching online courses as part of a distance education program may require proctored exams or writing assignments. This requirement will be noted on the course syllabus.

See the Proctored Testing section of this website for detailed proctored exam information.