Locating a Proctor

Your options for selecting a proctor are:

Find a proctor using the UNC Online Proctoring Network:
UNC Charlotte participates in the UNC Online Proctoring Network, which has been established to enhance the academic integrity of online courses by providing students with an easily accessible pool of qualified proctors located within as well as outside the state of North Carolina. The UNC Online Proctoring Network includes proctors who do not charge, as well as proctors who do charge, for their services. Students are personally responsible for payment of any proctoring fees if they choose to use a proctor who charges for this service. Students are also responsible for any parking fees that may be associated with their use of a particular proctor.

At this time, UNC Charlotte students, who do not come to the Distance Education Testing Center, will only use the online network to find an approved proctor or invite someone to become an approved proctor. See the "For Students" section of the UNC Online Proctoring Network to find an approved proctor.

Once you have identified a proctor:

  1. At least two weeks before your exam, complete the online Proctor Information Form.
  2. Upon UNC Charlotte receipt of the proctor information, you and your proctor will receive an email confirming the proctor and exam details.
  3. Schedule the exam with the proctor, arranging exam date, time, etc. according to the syllabus requirements.
  4. Prior to the exam date, you and your proctor will receive a reminder email with an Academic Integrity Verification Form attached. Upon completion of your proctored exam, this form is signed by both you and your proctor confirming that the exam was completed following the course instructor’s guidelines. Your proctor then sends the signed Academic Integrity Verification Form to the Distance Education Testing staff.

If you have a conflict on any of the exam dates noted in your syllabus, you must contact your instructor for permission to make a change. Distance Education personnel cannot give permission to change exam dates or times.