Student must be geographically located in the State of North Carolina

Program Overview

The Middle and Secondary Education graduate certificate is an 18 credit hour graduate level program that provides experienced professionals with a Bachelor’s degree in other fields the means to earn a North Carolina Standard Professional I Teaching License in the fields of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in either the middle or secondary education level.

Completing the Standard Professional I License requirements consists of the 18 licensure program hours PLUS any background deficiencies. Transcripts are officially evaluated upon application to the program for deficiencies.

The online Graduate Certificate Program required classroom observation hours are limited to the state of North Carolina. At this time, we are unable to offer the Graduate Certificate online program to those geographically located outside the state of North Carolina.

The 18 credit hours earned from the Graduate Certificate can be applied to the Master of Arts in Teaching Middle and Secondary Education upon acceptance to the Master’s program.  Completion of the Master’s degree leads to the advanced “M” teaching license.