UNC Charlotte’s online Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) degree, a technical alternative to the M.B.A., prepares graduates for careers managing systems, processes, procedures, organizations, and business.

The MSEM program prepares graduates to:

  • Handle operational issues from a system perspective,
  • Manage units with technical functions,
  • Manage units with business and management functions,
  • Handle interdisciplinary issues and problems,
  • Make decisions at all levels of an organization from the top management problems, to strategic planning, product development and launching, production, marketing and sales, logistics support, and field services,
  • Understand future trends in global markets and economy, and
  • Manage multinational units, projects, and global supply chains.

Engineering Management focuses on planning, organizing, controlling and leading primarily technical projects and organizations (although engineering management knowledge is applicable to both technical and non-technical problem-solving). Engineering managers combine management and engineering savvy, making them unique and highly sought after employees for a wide range of businesses. 

Engineering Management graduates, exceptional oral and written communication skills, leadership abilities, and awareness of current global issues are necessary, and therefore, particularly nurtured throughout our programs.