​Who can use the Distance Education Testing Center?

UNC Charlotte students enrolled in distance education courses.

Schedule An Appointment

 Please review your course syllabus before making exam appointments. If you have a conflict on any of the exam dates noted in your syllabus, you must contact your instructor for permission to make a change. Office of Distance Education personnel cannot give permission to change exam dates or times.

Once you have read your course syllabus, schedule all your exams, even your finals, early in the semester using the online scheduling system below. Appointments should be made at least 14 days in advance of your exam. Seating is limited and availability is first come, first served.

Exam start times are at the top of the hour. If you need to reschedule an appointment please use the online system.

Distance Education Testing Center is an approved site in the UNC Online Proctoring Network.  This site serves students enrolled in distance education courses that require proctored exams.  If your instructor is currently using this system, you must submit your appointment information through the UNC Academic Services Portal; otherwise the testing center will not have access to your exam materials. 

To schedule an appointment in the Distance Education Testing Center, you will need to use the UNC Online Proctoring NetworkWhen you are in the process of scheduling your exam, click the Invite a Proctor button, and enter the email address:distanceed@uncc.edu. This should display the Distance Education Testing Center location. Click the Calendar icon beside it to choose a date for your exam.

Students will need to schedule their exams a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled testing date(s). Online scheduling will be closed during the 14 days prior to the exam. Students requiring a change within the 14 days preceding the exam will need to contact Distance Education at tfish3@uncc.edu for scheduling options.

ADA Information

The Barnard Building is wheel-chair accessible.  Individuals requesting accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should contact the Office of Disability Services if accommodations are needed for an exam.  Please visit this link: http://ds.uncc.edu/ for additional information as well as contact information.

What to bring

  1. Bring an acceptable form of picture identification. Acceptable forms of picture identification include state identification cards, driver’s licenses, employee ID cards, military ID cards, passports, and student photo ID cards. Without proper ID, a student will not be allowed to take an exam. Social security cards, birth certificates, insurance cards, credit cards and non-photo student ID cards are not acceptable forms of identification. There are no fees charged for verification of identity for students sitting for exams in the Distance Education Testing Center.
  2. Pen or pencil, and anything else permitted by your instructor.
  3. Limit the items you bring. Any items brought to the Distance Education Testing Center must be placed in a small locker which locks with a key. The Distance Education Testing Center will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items checked. Cell phones must be turned off prior to being placed in the locker. The lockers are small; please do not bring book bags, laptops and large bags to the Testing Center.

Exam day procedures

  1. Be on time! -- Preferably ten minutes early. If you arrive late you may be asked to reschedule. If you cannot make your appointment please contact the office as soon as possible: 704-687-1283.
  2. Testing Center staff will check your ID, sign you in, allow you to place personal items in a locker, direct you to a seat, and provide exam materials.
  3. Eating or drinking is prohibited in the testing room.
  4. Examinees must keep noise to a minimum for the benefit of other examinees. You may be asked to stop testing and leave the testing center if you are non-compliant.
  5. Children are not allowed in the Testing Center. Please make childcare arrangements. Children cannot be left unattended on the UNC Charlotte campus.