Learn more about Graduate Certificates:​

What are the general similarities and differences between a Graduate Certificate and a Master's program?

  • Both are recognized graduate programs where students can access graduate levels of financial aid.
  • A Graduate Certificate honors a specific program of study, but does not lead to a degree.
  • A Graduate Certificate program does not require an entrance exam.
  • A student may be admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching program at anytime and their courses work from the Graduate Certificate will be applied as long as it is within the six year window for completion.

Is there a time limit to the finish a Graduate Certificate?

  • Graduate Certificate requirements must be completed within four years of your first course.
  • The MAT requirements must be completed within a six years of beginning your first course.

How long will it take to complete a my program​?

  • The length of time for completion varies with the number of courses needed for each program, though most students complete their program in two years or less.
  • Please work closely with your advisor to plan out your schedule of courses, and to determine what time frame works best for you!. 

Do I have to have a relevant undergraduate degree take your Education Graduate Certificates?

Do I need Praxis Core / Praxis II before beginning the program?

  • No, you do not need the the Praxis Core before beginning the program unless you have a GPA under 2.5.
  • Praxis II is required for licensure in most programs, and should be taken at the end of your coursework.