UNC Charlotte complies with SACS policies and requirements regarding Distance Education, including those related to student verification/authentication. Each student enrolled in a UNC Charlotte online course is provided with, and must use, a secure login and password to access and participate in the online course. This method of student verification and authentication complies with SACS’ "Distance and Correspondence Education – Policy Statement."

Distance Education provides proctored exam support for faculty teaching Distance Education courses. A proctored exam is another method to meet student authentication requirements presented in the Higher Education Opportunity Act regarding students enrolled in distance education courses.

UNC Charlotte online program courses may require one or more proctored exams or writing assignments. In Fall 2010, UNC Charlotte opened a Distance Education Testing Center on the campus. There is no cost to UNC Charlotte Distance Education students for use of the Distance Education Testing Center; however, students are responsible for payment of the fees required to park on campus. Students may also arrange to have their exams or assignments proctored by a qualified individual or organization located in closer proximity to them.

How to request proctoring services:

Faculty needing to provide a proctored make-up exam for a student requesting religious accommodations should contact Terri Fish at 704-687-1278. All other requests will follow the procedures below.

  1. Our office will begin accepting proctored exam requests when student registration opens for the upcoming semester.
  2. Using the UNC Online Proctoring Network, faculty may request up to three computer or paper-based proctored exams, including final exams or written assignments, for each Distance Education course.  Release Exam Details Only at least one week prior to the start of the semester. Testing Center use is given on a first come, first served basis. Please submit proctored exam requests early.
  3. Post a proctoring statement and student scheduling instructions in your course syllabus.
  4. Visit http://proctors.northcarolina.edu
  5. Select your campus
  6. Login using the same user ID and password you use to access your university email.
  7. Review Courses (Ensure “current courses” tab is selected)
  8. Click on drop down arrow to open a course
  9. Note Exams, Class Roster, and GA/TA tabs.
    1. Exams tab: Permits faculty members to add exam details to the system and review posted exam details.
    2. Class Roster tab: Permits faculty members to track students’ scheduling activity and access proctors contact information.
    3. GA/TA tab: Permits faculty members to add a helper to the course. Helpers can add and access exam details.
  10. Select the “Add Exam or Exam Details” button.
  11. Follow the 4 steps: “Step 1: Setup, Step 2: Requirements, Step 3: Release and Notify, and Step 4: Provide”.
  12. Enter the accurate duration it takes for students to complete the exam.  Do not add extra time to the duration since proctoring services are based on length of exam completion.
  13. Students will need to schedule their exams a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled testing date(s). Online scheduling will be closed during the 14 days prior to the exam. Students requiring a change within the 14 days preceding the exam will need to contact Distance Education or scheduling options.

For a complete faculty tutorial please review the information provided in the PowerPoint link below:  http://www.slideshare.net/UNCOnline/unc-online-faculty-powerpoint

Students will schedule exams to be completed within the following hours.
Extended hours will be offered during final exams.

Monday through Thursday

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Proctor Fees:  The UNC Online Proctoring Network includes proctors who do not charge as well as proctors who do charge for their proctoring service. Students are responsible for payment of any proctoring fees if they choose to use a proctor who charges a fee for this service. Students are also responsible for any parking fees that may be associated with use of a particular proctor.

Questions about testing can be directed to your Program Manager or Terri Fish at 704-687-1278.