You must meet the general requirements for admission to the University

To apply to the program you will need to complete the Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Application

  • IMPORTANT! When applying to the University, You must select the Distance Education Option when selecting your major. It is indicated by the “Engineering: Fire Safety Technology DE” notation after the major.
  • Please be aware that if you have not been enrolled for 12 consecutive months after the semester last attended at UNC Charlotte, you will need to apply for readmission to the University.  Please see the Undergraduate Student Readmission Information page for additional information.

Requirements for Newly Admitted Students.    

You will receive an email that contains orientation details. The distance education orientation is completely online and must be completed before classes start.  DE students are not subject to immunization requirements and do not need to attend the on-campus orientation called “SOAR”.

A maximum of 64 credits can be awarded for an AAS degree upon receipt of the final transcript.

Note: The Undergraduate Admissions Office will waive the high school transcript requirement for Distance Education applicants IF the applicant has already earned a two-year or four-year degree at a regionally accredited institution