National Board Certification, offered by the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), is a way to recognize the accomplished teaching that is occurring in North Carolina's classrooms. The certification process is based on high and rigorous standards that evaluate teaching practice through performance-based assessments; the ultimate result is improved performance and achievement for students.  

The certificate, and individual courses in the certificate, are open to any current teacher interested in the National Board Certification process. The assignments for courses within the plan of study for this certificate will require reflection and work related to a classroom setting.

Courses are offered in second summer, fall and spring.  Students can be admitted in any of these terms. Note that students will not be enrolled in the first summer session from mid-May to end of June.

Program Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate and apply content knowledge and skills specific to their content area or discipline.
  • Use domain-specific research and evidence to demonstrate leadership in developing high quality learning environments.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, advocacy, and commitment to create supportive environments that afford all P‐ 12 students access to rigorous and relevant curriculum specific to their learning needs.
  • Apply technology standards to design, implement and assess learning experiences/environments to engage children/students, improve learning, and enrich professional practice.