The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Phase II program is 12 credit hours and is offered 100% online.

RSCH 6101: Research Methods  (3)
Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer  | No prerequisites

An orientation to designs and procedures utilized in educational research, emphasizing basic principles for conducting research, interpreting and evaluating published articles representative of educational problems and issues.


ELED 6202: Classroom Management and Leadership for Diverse Learners  (3)*
Offered in Fall and Spring  | No prerequisites

Examination of theory, models, and best practices in classroom Management, with focus on management of special populations of students. Emphasis on demonstrating best practices of classroom management models of instruction through professional development leadership.


ELED 6203: Instructional Differentiation and Leadership for the 21st Century Learners  (3)*
Offered in Fall and Spring | No prerequisites

Examination of models, approaches, and best practices for effective Instructional differentiation for diverse learning needs of elementary school students.


ELED 6303: Teacher Inquiry and Data Analysis in the Elementary Classroom  (3)* (Capstone Course)**
Offered in Fall and Spring  | No prerequisites

This is the capstone experience in the M.A.T. and M.Ed. programs and, thus, must be taken in the final semester of the program. The examination of data-driven instructional decision making and the use of research to improve student learning. Requires application of advanced content knowledge, instructional planning, and student assessment data in the creation of a capstone experience.

*Requires employment as an elementary teacher.

**Must be taken in the final semester of the program.