The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Foreign Language Education (French, German, or Spanish) program (Phase II) is a 39 credit hour program composed of two phases:  The Graduate Certificate in Teaching phase (Phase I) and the Master’s degree completion phase (Phase II). The 21 graduate-level credit hours, completed through the Graduate Certificate in Foreign Language Education, can be applied toward the M.A.T. in Foreign Language Education for those meeting the M.A.T. eligibility requirements.


Choose one of the following Specialized Pedagogy courses:

MDSK 6220:  Adolescence and Learning (3)
Offered in Spring and Summer | No prerequisites

Study of adolescence as a phase of development and its relationship to the learning process.


TESL 6206:  Globalization, Communities and Schools (3)
Offered in Fall and Spring | No prerequisites

An examination of the intersection of globalization and education with specific attention to the experiences of children of immigration in North Carolina K-12 communities and the contemporary phenomenon of transnationalism. Implications for the best K-12 educational practice are emphasized. This course does not carry a fieldwork requirement.


Choose one of the following Foreign Language Literature or Foreign Language Culture courses:

  • FREN 5XXX:  One graduate level French course (3)
  • GERM 5XXX:  One graduate level German course (3)
  • SPAN 5XXX-6XXX:  One graduate level Spanish course (3)

Required Courses: 

FLED 6200:  Advanced Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages (3)
Offered in Spring | No prerequisites

A variety of topics will be addressed in order to prepare experienced second language teachers to be critical thinkers, second language researchers, and instructional and program leaders. Exemplar topics include the analysis of instructional methods and teaching strategies, curriculum design, research-based practices, multicultural education, and the mentoring and/or professional development of novice ESL teachers.


MDSK 6260:  Teacher Leadership (3)
Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer | No prerequisites

An examination of the current research on adult learning and development, expert knowledge, and the professionalization of the field of teaching. Students develop skills to direct other educational professionals.


MDSK 6691:  Seminar in Professional Development (3)
Offered in Fall and Spring | No prerequisites

Seminar focused on the self-direction and professional development of teachers. Emphasis placed on the design, development, and completion of the candidate’s comprehensive portfolio, thesis, or research project.


RSCH 6101:  Research Methods (3)
Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer | No prerequisites

An orientation to designs and procedures utilized in educational research, emphasizing basic principles for conducting research, interpreting and evaluating published articles representative of educational problems and issues.