What can I do with this program after I graduate?

  • Upon successful completion of the M.A.T. Phase II, students are recommended for the North Carolina Standard Professional 2 (SP2) Professional Educator’s License. For the Professional 2 license, students are required to complete an advanced electronic licensure portfolio during coursework.

Common Courses (8 credit hours)

  • RSCH 7113: Single-Case Research3
  • SPED 6502: Behavioral Assessment3
  • SPED 6390: Collaboration and Transition-Focused Education

Concentrations (5 credit hours)
Select one of the following concentrations and its requirements based on the concentration completed during
Phase 1:

  • General Curriculum Concentration Courses
    • SPED 5377: Advanced Literacy for Students with Diverse Learning Needs
    • SPED 5379: Diversity and Disability in the Inclusive Classroom
  • Adapted Curriculum Concentration Courses
    • SPED 5371: Person-Centered Planning within Inclusive Classrooms for Students with Extensive Support Needs
    • SPED 6225: Behavior Analytic Intervention in Communication

Capstone Experience (1 credit hour)

  • SPED 6691: Seminar in Professional and Leadership Development

The capstone experience for the M.A.T. is fulfilled by completing the evidence project (Data-based Decision Project) in SPED 6691.  The instructor of this course and one other assigned faculty, serving as a second reviewer, serve as members of the candidate’s culminating committee in completion of the Data-based Decision Project.