Concentrations (12 hrs) can be taken anytime throughout the program.

EIST 6100: Foundations of Instructional Systems Technology  (3)
Offered in Fall  | No prerequisites

Contemporary issues and historical development of instructional systems technology.  An overview of learning theory, instructional systems analysis and design, instructional design models, technology innovations, and factors affecting the use of technology for learning.


EIST 6101: Learning Principles in Instructional Systems Technology  (3)

Offered in Fall  | No prerequisites

The examination of how people learn in a variety of instructional settings.  Characteristics of the different learners are examined.  Students investigate several learning theories to inform better instructional design decisions.


EIST 6110: Instructional Design  (3) 
Offered in Spring  |  No prerequisites

Instructional analysis, design and evaluation principles and practices; gaining practical experience applying theoretical understandings of instructional design principles and processes such as goal and task analysis, learner and context analysis, instructional strategies, selection and development of instructional materials, and formative and summative evaluation. 


EIST 6135: Learning Media, Resources and Technology  (3)
Offered in Spring  | No prerequisites

Selection, use, and evaluation of technological innovations in instructional media.  Students learn to make professionally sound decisions in selecting appropriate processes and resources to provide optimal conditions for learning based on principles, theories, and effective practices.