Concentrations (15 hrs) can be taken anytime throughout the program.

READ 6100: Current Issues and Practices in Literacy Education (3)

Offered in Fall | No prerequisites

Theories, research, and instructional methods associated with reading and language arts, preschool through high school; questions of effectiveness related to instructional approaches and materials; related topics such as multicultural literacy, the role of phonics, and assessment.

READ 6204: Teaching Reading to English Language Learners (3)

Offered in Fall and Spring | No prerequisites

Research, theory, and instructional practices related to the reading process and reading instruction for English Language Learners in K-12 classrooms; relationship between language development and reading; examination of instructional materials; and field-based application of course content.

READ 6250: Emergent and Elementary Literacy (3)

Offered in Fall and Summer | No prerequisites | Restrictions: Completion of Phase I

Critical reading and use of the literature in literacy education, examination of literacy content taught in the K-6 curriculum with an emphasis on pre-K and beginning reading instruction research, theory and practice, multiple models and approaches for teaching and assessing learning in literacy development, required action research project.

READ 6252: K-12 Writing Development and Instruction (3)

Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer | No prerequisites

Theories, research, and critical issues related to students’ writing development and effective writing instruction. Field experience required.

READ 6265: Multiliteracies in a Global World: Reading and Writing Texts in New Times (3)

Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer | No prerequisites

Immerses students in both the theory and practice of multi-literacies and considers how globalization has created a more complex environment for teachers and students. Focus goes beyond traditional print-based literacy to multiple forms of knowing, including print, images, video, combinations of forms in digital contexts, which are represented in inter-related and complex ways.