Concentrations (15 hrs) can be taken anytime throughout the program.

ELED 6210: Current Issues in STEM Education  (3)

Offered in Summer | No prerequisites

Examination of current issues related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education. Requires approximately 8-9 hours each week. Out-of-class work may include, but is not limited to: required reading, critical analysis of literature, research papers, and projects related to STEM issues related to elementary school learners.

ELED 6211: Integrating Engineering into the Elementary School Curriculum (3)

Offered in Summer  | No prerequisites

An analysis of engineering concepts related to the science standards taught in Grades K-6 in North Carolina Public Schools. The Engineering is Elementary curriculum and other related resources is examined in depth. Analysis of how science, technology, and mathematics can be integrated with engineering is emphasized.

ELED 6212: Integrating Digital Learning and STEM with Elementary School Learners (3)

Offered in Spring and Summer  | No prerequisites

Examination of digital learning (e.g., web-based tools, digital videos) to support the teaching of STEM education. Students analyze a real-world problem, analyze digital learning tools, plan and implement a lesson around the real-world problem using digital learning tools.

ELED 6213: Global Awareness in STEM Education (3)

Offered in Fall, Spring and Summer  | No prerequisites

Examination of global awareness, humanities, and the environment in the context of STEM Education. Students research, reflect on, and apply knowledge related to Earth and the environment in relationship to issues and trends related to STEM.

ELED 6214: Designing and Developing STEM Curricula  (3)

Offered in Summer  | No prerequisites

Analysis of critical components of designing, developing, and implementing a multi-lesson unit related to a real-world issue in STEM education. Students design, teach, and assess the impact of STEM curricula that they develop. Students also design professional development around the curricula they develop.