Program Overview

The online Graduate Certificate in Teaching: Middle Grades (6-9) or Secondary Education (9-12) is a 16-credit-hour graduate level program that provides experienced professionals the means to earn a North Carolina Professional Educator’s Initial License in the fields of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies in either the middle or secondary education level. 

Who would benefit from this program?

  • The program is designed for current (Residency Teachers) and aspiring middle and secondary school teachers who hold a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in obtaining a North Carolina teaching license.
  • Students interested in teaching at the following levels and content areas:
    • Middle Grades Math
    • Middle Grades English
    • Middle Grades Science
    • Middle Grades Social Studies
    • Secondary Education Math
    • Secondary Education  English
    • Secondary Education  Science
    • Secondary Education  Social Studies

What can I expect to learn in this program?

  • The graduate certificate includes a clinical component of 15-30 hours per semester. Candidates not only observe in the classroom but also work with students in small groups. (Please note: The required classroom observation hours are limited to the state of North Carolina.) Candidates then participate in student teaching, a 15-week experience where they take over the total course instruction load from their clinical instructor. Current public school teachers may complete this requirement in their own classrooms.
  • In the certificate program, you will receive practical training.  You will learn lesson planning, assessment, adolescent development, how to teach diverse learners and how to effectively teach a specific discipline. Targeted clinical experiences and coaching address practical training and the needs of current classroom teachers. Through student teaching, you will learn how coursework relates to the classroom and practice your craft during an internship.

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