CSLG 7141 The Professional School Counselor (3)
No prerequisites

Development of skills necessary for the integration of counseling activities into the school curriculum and in support of the school’s academic mission. This course utilizes the ASCA National Model to prepare school counselors to develop comprehensive guidance programs and responsive services in schools. Focus is on the school counselor’s role in counseling individuals, small group counseling, classroom guidance, consultation, program design, coordinating school and community resources, and administration of special programs.


CSLG 7140 Consultation in School Counseling (3)
Offered in Summer II | No prerequisites

An introduction to the professional school counselor’s role in consulting and coordinating school and community resources for the optimum benefit of students.


CSLG 7646 Administration and Leadership in School Counseling Services (3)
Offered in Fall, Spring | No prerequisites

Students develop effective leadership and advocacy skills in school counseling with an emphasis on the utilization of data for systemic change and student success.


CSLG 7436 Advanced Internship in Counseling (3)
Offered in Fall, Spring | Co-requisites CSLG 7646

A 300-hour supervised school counseling internship is required, in addition to participation in weekly internship supervision seminars for students to demonstrate advanced level skills. (300 hours)