1. Registered nurses seeking admission to the curriculum who need to complete nursing prerequisites and/or general education courses may apply for admission to the Pre-RN-to-B.S.N. Completion Curriculum.
  2. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Admission to Pre-RN-to-B.S.N. does not automatically admit an applicant to the RN-to-B.S.N. Completion Curricululm.
  3. Additional application to the School of Nursing is necessary (Admission decisions are made by the School of Nursing. Applicants are competitively reviewed for admission based on their prerequisite GPA).
Two applications are required for admission:

New Students:

Former Students:

Criteria for admission are:
  • A current unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse.
  • A grade point average of 2.0 or better in all college courses which are eligible for transfer to UNC Charlotte.
  • At least a "C" in all required nursing prerequisites.
  • Completion of all prerequisites, and general education courses by the end of the semester prior to the semester for which the application is made.
  • Additional consideration is given to students with a previous bachelor’s or master’s degree, previous UNC Charlotte course credit, and current work experience as a registered nurse.
  • Distance Education students need extended access to the Internet and a computer that meets current Technical Specifications.
Recommended process for potential UNC Charlotte students:
  1. Email cgavin2@uncc.edu copy of transcripts (unofficial accepted) to evaluate previous course work and plan of study start date.
  2. Complete UNC Charlotte School of Nursing RN-to-B.S.N. Completion Program application.
  3. Prior to enrolling in RN-to-B.S.N. program courses all students must have the following:
    1. Current unencumbered license to practice as a RN in the United States.
    2. Liability insurance.
    3. Meet University Immunization and Health Requirements.
    4. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater in AAS degree coursework
  4. Complete UNC Charlotte transfer student undergraduate application  
Each applicant must apply via a two-step process.
  1. Apply to the University (Apply online from "Transfer student" site and submit to Undergraduate Admissions office along with one official transcript from all higher education institutions attended and one official transcript from high school.)
  2. Enroll in the Pre-RN-to-B.S.N. curriculum if necessary, in order to complete degree requirements and nursing prerequisites.
  3. Apply to the RN-to-B.S.N. Completion Program when nursing prerequisites and general education courses have been completed. All courses must be completed or be in progress prior to consideration of the application.
  4. Returning students to UNC Charlotte should contact the Registrar's Office for readmission process.