Program Overview

The RN-MSN program is designed for the outstanding student who wants to pursue an accelerated path from an ASN to the MSN. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the RN to BSN as well as the selected graduate program. A student makes two applications: one directly to the Graduate School with the appropriate fees, and one simultaneously to the RN-BSN program.

Tuition rates for courses are based on the academic status of students, not on the undergraduate or graduate level of the course. As soon as students enroll in a graduate course their academic status changes from undergraduate to graduate. This changes the tuition charges from undergraduate to graduate for all courses taken in the remainder of the RN to BSN program as well as the courses in the MSN program.

The following specialties are available to students who wish to apply for the Early Entry Program (see specialty web pages for the complete program of study):

 *distance education program