The University of North Carolina at Charlotte complies with SACSCOC policies and requirements regarding Distance Education, including those related to student verification/authentication. Each student enrolled in a UNC Charlotte online course is provided with, and must use, a secure login and password to access and participate in the online course. This method of student verification and authentication complies with SACSCOC’ "Distance and Correspondence Education – Policy Statement."

Online courses taught as part of a UNC Charlotte distance education program may require proctored exams or writing assignments. This means that a student is monitored by an approved person, or proctor, while taking an exam.  The use of proctored exams is determined by the instructor. Your instructor and the course syllabus and the course comments on the University Course Schedule will indicate if proctored exams are required.

UNC Charlotte Distance Education students who live near Charlotte may arrange to take their exams at the Distance Education Testing Center . There is no cost to UNC students to use the Testing Center.

Students will need to schedule their exams a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled testing date(s). Online scheduling will be closed during the 14 days prior to the exam. Students requiring a change within the 14 days preceding the exam will need to contact Distance Education for scheduling options. Distance Education students who use the Testing Center are responsible for payment of the fees required to park on campus.

UNC Charlotte Distance Education students may also arrange to have their tests or assignments proctored by a qualified individual or organization located in closer proximity to them.  For ease in identifying qualified proctors, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte participates in the UNC Online Proctoring Network.    This Network has been established to enhance the academic integrity of online courses by providing students with an easily accessible pool of qualified proctors located within as well as outside the state of North Carolina.

NOTE: The UNC Online Proctoring Network  includes proctors who do not charge, as well as proctors who do charge, for their services. Students are personally responsible for payment of any proctoring fees if they choose to utilize a proctor who charges for this service.  Students are also responsible for any parking fees that may be associated with their use of a particular proctor. 

What if I am not a UNC Charlotte student?
The Distance Education Testing Center is available to UNC Charlotte students enrolled in Distance Education courses. At this time, we are not able to proctor exams for non-UNC Charlotte students.