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49er Card

Student 49er ID Cards!

Students new to UNC Charlotte can request their first 49er ID card at no cost. For Distance Education students, this would be a non-photo 49er ID card. If you were previously enrolled at UNC Charlotte and have a question about replacement ID’s, please contact the 49er Card Office at 704-687-7337 for further information.

Why should I request a 49er ID card?

UNC Charlotte students can use their non-photo 49er ID card along with a valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport) at all UNC system libraries as well as at the UNC Charlotte library to check out books. Your non-photo 49er ID card can also be used with a valid photo ID for proctored exams.

If you prefer a photo 49er ID card , or you anticipate visiting campus regularly for your program, you can visit the 49er Card Office in the Auxiliary Services Building or the ID Office in the Student Union, Room 127 and arrange to get a photo 49er ID card. You will need to present a valid photo ID and your 800 #. For more information, contact the 49er Card Office at 704-687-7337 or visit: Auxillary Services.

What if I lose my 49er ID card or I decide at a later time that I want a photo ID?

If you lose your 49er ID card there is a $15 replacement charge. If you choose to replace your non-photo ID with a new 49er card photo ID, you can do so at no charge when you present your old non-photo 49er ID card at the 49er Card Office or the ID Office.

How do I get my non-photo 49er ID card?

Once you have registered for your courses, complete the form below. Your non-photo 49er ID card will be mailed to your home. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery and processing.