The Nurse Educator concentration prepares nurses for advanced practice as Nurse Educators in selected areas of expertise. Students declare a specialty in the application and develop a portfolio from their graduate work demonstrating their expertise. Graduates of this program are prepared for academic positions teaching nursing at the entry into practice or RN-B.S.N. levels and meet the North Carolina Board of Nursing requirements for Nurse Educators.  Graduate who have two years of full-time teaching experience will be prepared to take the NCN certification exam for Nurse Educators.

Nurse Educator graduates are prepared to work as educators in:

  • B.S.N. Educational Programs
  • Practical Nursing Programs
  • Rural/Urban Settings


The program consists of 39 credit hours and can be completed in 30 months of part-time study.

Approved M.S.N. Electives

Year One  
Summer (10-week) NURS 6101 - Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice (3hrs)
Fall NURS 6211 - Health Disparities and Nursing (3hrs)
NURS 6115 - Health Policy and Planning in the US (3hrs)
Spring NURS 6212 - Program Improvement and Evaluation (3hrs)
NURS 6160 - Research in Nursing and Health Professions (3hrs)
Year Two  
Summer (10-week) STAT 6127 - Introduction of Biostatistics (3hrs)
Summer (10-week) Approved elective (3hrs)
Fall NURS 6495 - Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum (3hrs)
NURS 6601 - Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice I (1hr)
Spring NURS 6301 - Curriculum and Instruction in Nursing Education (3hrs)
NURS 6602 - Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice II (2hrs)
Year Three  
Summer (first session) NURS 6302 - Trends and Issues in Nursing Education (3hrs)
Summer (second session) NURS 6303 - Instructional Technology in Nursing Education (3hrs)
Fall NURS 6304 - Teaching Nursing Practicum (3hrs)
  • Nurse Educator courses are only offered online through distance education. Core and System Core courses can be taken on campus or online as published in the Schedule of Courses
  • A total of 180 hours in a clinical specialty and 15 hours of supervised classroom teaching experience, individually arranged, is required to complete the program
  • It is expected that the student will develop a portfolio demonstrating expertise in a specialization during this program of study
  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 (“B”) GPA in their graduate courses, and may not accumulate more than two “C” grades
  • Faculty advising is required


Do you live outside of the State of North Carolina?

General requirements for Master's students at UNC Charlotte can be found on the Graduate Admissions website. In addition to the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, the following are required for admission to the M.S.N. for Systems Population Majors.

  • Current unrestricted licensure as a Registered Nurse. Current license in North Carolina or a compact state or the state identified by faculty for clinical practice before enrollment.
  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. A B.S.N. degree from nationally accredited program is preferred. If the baccalaureate is not in nursing, and courses in research, leadership management, aging and health, and community health are lacking, they will be required as part of the program of study
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 in the last degree earned is preferred
  • Completion of a statistics course with a grade of C or better
  • One year of professional nursing practice is recommended

Required with the application:

  • A statement of purpose, describing the applicant's experience and objective in undertaking graduate study in the chosen specialty
  • Three letters of professional recommendation
  • One official transcript from all academic work beyond high school; uploading unofficial transcripts inside of the Apply Yourself application is not required

Students should complete the online Graduate Application for Admission. Post-Baccalaureate, or non-degree, Students will need special permission from the Associate Director of the Graduate Division of the School of Nursing before registering in distance education nursing courses.


Student Services prepares students for participation in UNC Charlotte distance education courses.

Among the topics in this orientation are: